Lake District England “The Lakes” or “Lakeland”

Lake District England

Lake District England. While in London video chatting with a friend, I must have gushed one times too many about how beautiful London was. “And there are woodlands and nature reserves to explore as well”, I said. “For a city, that is great. Londres est magnifique. But the English countryside is stunningly beautiful. Why not visit there while you are in England?” my friend asked.

That is an idea, a fantastic idea!

Arriving in Lake District (The Lakes or Lakeland) in Cumbria, I found a place as nature intended. It is grand, sweeping, scenic, verdant and naturally striking in every sense of the word. A rugged and mountainous locale in North West England, the region is famed for its glistering lakes, pristine forests, and majestic fells. Three famous attractions here are Scafell Pike, which is England highest mountain, and Wastwater and Windermere, the country deepest and largest natural lakes, respectively. Outdoor adventures abound, from nature walks and biking along the mountain and woodland trails to lake activities.

Lake District England
Derwentwater, Lake District, England. Photo by Antony Edwards/Getty Images.

Lake District has always been a haven for the literary minds. Notable authors and poets such as William Wordsworth, Beatrix Potter, Arthur Ransome and John Ruskin found inspiration here.

All over the world so many places are losing their cultures and therefore I was pleased to see that Lake District had preserve much of its own unique way of life. Local customs and traditions are alive and well here. Aged-old sports brought in by the Vikings still take place in the national parks and districts. During the summer, participants (wrestlers) wear traditional clothing and indulge each other in tussling matches that are the Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling. Hound trailing is a Cumbrian sport that set off hounds to run over the fells as a test of each of their speed and endurance.

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