Kispiox Valley – home of the ‘Rivers of Steel’

Kispiox Valley fly-fishing
Fly-fishing at Bear Claw Lodge at British Columbia, Canada.

It was a cool morning in fall when I reached the Bear Claw Lodge in the Kispiox Valley, British Columbia, Canada. There was no more putting off this trip. I was finally here. For this afternoon, I planned on exploring, on foot, the surrounding highlands and its scenic landscape. Then, tomorrow at daylight, after breakfast, I will meet my guide and embark on what will be my first fly-fishing expedition in the region.

As soon as I arrived in the Kispiox Valley, one of the first things that I noticed was the towering mountains, in all their majestic glory.

Kispiox Valley moountains
Kispiox Valley Mountain Range. Photo credit: Bear Claw Lodge, British Columbia.

So grand, so imposing, so striking, these massifs dominate the landscape from side to side and serve as habitat to a variety of faunas, including the mountain goat (Rocky mountain goat), moose, caribou, black bear and grizzly bear.

The second thing that I observed was the pristine wildernesses. These are wide reaching and made up of old-growth trees, natural waterways and various bodies of waters: rivers and streams. Traversing the rivers, on canoes, through the back woods was one of the numerous highlights of my trip in the Kispiox Valley.  The soft lights trekking through the trees, the peacefulness of the channels, and the crystal clear streams, all adds to the enchantment of this place.


Steelhead fishing and Fly-fishing in Kispiox Valley, British Columbia.

Another of my trip’s highlights was when I caught my first steelhead within the first hour of us being out on the river. In that instant, my dinner had been reserved and I was thrilled.

The rivers, lakes and streams in the Kispiox Valley are renowned for their stupendous wild salmon and steelhead trout. So much so that they are collectively dubbed the ‘Rivers of Steel’. While visiting, I have had the opportunity to meet a number of anglers from Canada, the U.K., England, and Poland. Anglers come here in droves, annually, from all over the world.


Article by: Tiffany Huggins, L’ EcoResorts.