Jamaica Blended Fruit Punch: All Natural Ingredients

Jamaica Blended Fruit Punch
Jamaica fruit shack (adorned with fruits and vegetables).

Jamaica Blended Fruit Punch is unique. The drink is fruity, thick and made using any variety of seasonal tropical fruits. These include papaya, watermelon, mango, ripe banana, pineapple, and pure lime juice.

Jamaica Blended Fruit Punch is popular on the island and may differ, slightly, depending on who is making the drink. Some persons may opt for only natural sweeteners while others may add syrup and even a splash of Jamaican rum. In the event of the inclusion of alcohol, effectively the drink is being converted to Jamaica Rum Punch or another drink altogether.

Jamaica Blended Fruit PunchJamaica Blended Fruit Punch

To make Jamaica Blended Fruit Punch, the fruits are gathered, peeled, de-seeded (if required), chopped, and tossed into a blender to be pureed. To be sweetened, honey or natural sweetener (pure cane sugar) maybe added. For the liquid, fruit juice is included such as that of orange, cane, or other. This juice is pure and made using a juice extractor. Dribbles of lime juice is added, and all blend together until consistency is attained.

Visitors to the island favor Jamaica Blended Fruit Punch over many other kind of drinks. It is common to too see tourists (while strolling the beaches in Jamaica) sipping on Jamaica Blended Fruit Punch with a tiny umbrella sticking out of the side of the glass garnished with a bit of pineapple or a slice of citrus fruit.

If you are staying at an eco-lodge or private villa, you can pre-arrange with your concierge for the accommodation to stock all natural ingredients for your local butler to use when preparing your Jamaica Blended Fruit Punch. At some larger hotels, this might be harder to arrange since their restaurants generally use the standard ingredients such as can juices and corn syrups. Unfortunately, these products are noted for their added preservatives, refined sugars as well as high fructose.

So if you are looking for another reason to stay at an eco-lodge in Jamaica, know that you can customize all your meals and beverages to suit your own special dietary requirements and taste.


Article by: Kareen Chambers, L’ EcoResorts