The Original Icehotel Sweden: Artwork of Ice

Icehotel in Sweden

Oh what a spectacular ice-sight to behold!

Sculpted entirely out of snow and ice boulders, the original Icehotel Sweden (ICEHOTEL), in Jukkasjärvi, is a remarkable work of art.

Every year, the Icehotel Sweden is rebuilt. And every facet of the structure, including its amenities are made from organic ice. This also involve the beds and chairs. Since the Icehotel Sweden is created anew from year to year, the designs too vary. Ice artists and sculptures submit their design ideas for the upcoming year.

Icehotel in Sweden

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icehotel sweden barThe ice bar is absolutely outstanding, with its counters and drinking glasses made entirely out of ice.

During the fetching and storage of the ice used to construct the the hotel, no damage to the land, the environment, or wildlife is being committed.

The area where the hotel is built maintains the Arctic climate, and little to no CO2 is emitted during the process of transferring and storing the ice.

When spring comes, the Icehotel Sweden melts, dissolving back to Mother Nature.

In essence, the hotel is an Eco Icehotel. By implementing a series of steps to reduce its operational effects on the natural environment, the hotel minimize its CO2. Buying locally produced goods and services and abiding by an effective on-site management plan, designed to reduced transportation deliveries and unnecessary large scale packaging, the resort is sustainable. Energy saving and energy conservation is prioritized at the resort.

Icehotel Sweden goes a step further with its conservation efforts. Outdoor and nature adventures here are designed to be respectful of the land, wildlife, and people. Working in unison with the local societies, the resort strives to preserve the environment, customs and traditions.

Guided tours includes on-site tour of the Icehotel Sweden during construction. Winter excursions are favorite hobbies of travelers and include watching the Northern Lights, snowmobiling, and skiing. Summer activities include day hiking, paddling, cycling, historic site exploration, and sustainable fishing.

The Story of Torne River.
[The river produces the ice used to build the IceHotel and both are deeply connected.]

| December 15, 2015