How to start an eCommerce Rewards points Program|Magento Reward Points extension

How to start an eCommerce Rewards points Program|Magento Reward Points extension

This article will help you aware the benefit of Magento Reward Points extension.

Customer loyalty is the crux of a successful business. A brick-and-mortar store can implement a number of methods for retaining customers, such as offering lower prices and helpful customer service. However, in the eCommerce industry, which doesn’t have the luxury of in-person customer service, businesses must find creative ways to retain clients, who can visit competitors with a click of a button. A rewards program is a popular and proven method for creating customer loyalty. Have a question? Get an answer from Online Tech Support now!


1. Contact your current web host to see if it provides a way to create a rewards program or generate coupons. Many web hosts offer the ability to generate coupons, gift certificates, newsletters and a point rewards system. Otherwise, you will need to purchase third-party software for your website.

2. Develop a point system for your clients that you can afford. Some e-commerce businesses offer a one-point return for every $10 spent. Each point may then be worth $1 to be used in your store at a later date. This is essentially a 10 percent discount on your merchandise. To ensure repeat business, stipulate that the points are not given to the customer until the return window has passed, such as 30 days after purchase. The customer will then receive a monthly email with the points balance. Determine the expiration date of the points.

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3. Implement a referral program that rewards those who bring in other customers.

4. Design coupon codes that offer either a dollar amount or a percentage off of the sale. Carefully review your inventory and profit margin and determine the discount to ensure that you can remain profitable. Consider contracts with your distributors, ensuring that they allow discounts of this nature on their items. Also consider if there are any other reasons any brands should be excluded from your coupons. Include an expiration date for each coupon code. Your web host or third-party software provider should allow you to automate the expiration date so that your shopping cart will reject any expired coupons. Submit your coupons to coupon sites such as and

5. Create a link on your site and at checkout that allows customers or newcomers to sign up for your rewards program. Develop a newsletter to be mailed to all customers informing them of the new program. Have a system for recognizing those clients who subscribe and those who don’t. Your web host or third party software provider should integrate with your current customer database and automate this process. Nothing will anger a customer more than receiving an email that they opted out of.

6. Create a regular newsletter for those who opt to enroll in your rewards program. The newsletter may include promotions, such as double-point rewards on certain items.

| November 7, 2018