A week-long spiritual escape to a healing retreat in Denpasar

Healing retreat, Denpasar, Bali
Fivelements Healing retreat, Denpasar, Bali.

A healing retreat in Denpasar, Bali.

I first met Joni (not her real name) in Miami at one of our photography club outings. She is an executive at a high-end lady’s fashion store in the city. And always seemed stress and anxious. Which surprised me because with myself and the other hobbyists in our group, photography seemed to have a calming effect on us. “Pick a genre, any genre, and you are good to go”, a charismatic member always say. I prefer nature photography. Joni do also.

One day, I got to speaking with her and she told me about the insurmountable pressures she was facing at work. Joni considered retiring early but, at the time, wasn’t in a position to do so. “Why don’t you ask for a transfer to another city”, I asked? “It’s not the city. It’s not the customers. It is the management – the people in charge”, she relied calmly. Then, she got to asking me about the retreats on my website. “I got an idea”, I said, “why don’t you and I take a trip to a healing retreat in Denpasar?”

A few weeks later, we were sitting on the plane in Miami, FL (MIA) heading to Denpasar, Indonesia (DPS). Twenty-six hours later, we arrived at Fivelements Healing Retreat near Ubud, Bali. The sanctuary is awash in nature and Balinese traditions. At the estate, lush tropical plants abound, which help create dramatic shadowy areas and a calming and relaxing outdoor atmosphere.

Cuisine at Fivelements, Denpasar.
Cuisine at Fivelements, Denpasar.

In the true sense, the Fivelements is a “healing retreat”. Spa treatments and body therapies are applied, from head to toe and seemed to rejuvenate all of one’s being. All natural ingredients are used in massages, manicures and facial applications, including citrus fruits and cocoa (made into paste). During our week-long stay, we opted for raw food diet and 100% natural juices. The cuisine at Fivelements Healing Retreat is well presented, well tasting, and include an array of organic vegetables, nuts, fruits, herbs and species.

The yoga and meditation centers depict intricate details and layout to maximize the experience and include high open ceiling with sleek designs. Bedrooms feature include dark stained wooden floors, bamboo walls, Balinese fabric accessories, and windows and doors that open up to pure nature.

We had just been shown our rooms when Joni, pointing, exclaimed, “oh look, a river by our room!” A room with a view, I whispered. We both looked at each other and smiled and in that moment, I knew that my friend would be fine.

Indeed, she’s fine!


Article by; Tiffany Huggins, L’ EcoResorts