Hand-weaving Tibetan Rug in Nepal

Handweaving Tibetan Rug in Nepal by Varanada

On the outskirt of Kathmandu, Nepal, watching a craftsperson make a Tibetan rug by hand, the process may seem brash to an outside observer. Mario López-Cordero, senior editor at Veranda, wrote fondly “a newly woven rug is being tortured.”

But, centuries worth of practice and knowledge combined means that the rug makers are experts. Cultural Survival, a group dedicated to the movement of empowered Indigenous Peoples founded the Tibetan Rug Weaving Project. They explained “The Cultural Survival Tibetan Rug Weaving Project was founded in 1990. Its original goals were to explore the rich heritage of the Tibetan weaving tradition and to generate funds to benefit the Tibetan community in exile.”

At L’ EcoResorts, we took a deeper look inside the Tibetan rug weaving culture and were amazed by the consistent series of steps, attention, and intricate detailed styling that goes into the process. The end results are high-quality, dense colors and complex designs. Each rug is built from scratch and made up of individual tied knots, dyeing and drying techniques, and different natural fibers are used for materials such as hemp, nettle, and linen. Tibetan Rugs tend to be durable and can last for generations.