Halibut Cove Alaska: Remote, Scenic, Nature Filled, Sparsely Populated

halibut cove alaska

Halibut Cove Alaska.
The sun has now risen in the morning sky and making use of the sun rays streaking through the cypress trees in the Florida Everglades, we have created some spectacular photographs. “These images should be sufficient for the segment”, Meka said, referring to the company’s Instagram page feature on landscape photography. “Yes I agree. And now that we are losing the soft light we should head back to the office”, I replied.

As I entered the office, Tiffany looked up at me from her computer screen, “we have just listed a new eco-lodge in Alaska’s Halibut Cove”. “Where”, I asked. “Halibut Cove”, she replied, “it is a remote bohemian village sited 200 miles south of Anchorage Alaska.”

“May I see?”, I asked, moving in for a closer look at the images on the computer screen. “Sure”, Tiffany replied, handing me her laptop computer.

Stillpoint LodgeSince joining the team at L’ EcoResorts over one year ago, I have become accustomed to learning about a new remote place almost on a weekly basis. Alaska is one of those places that is a naturalist and nature photographer’s dream destinations, with many remote and wild areas. Its rugged, unspoilt beauty fascinate me.

Halibut Cove Alaska is only accessible by boat or plane and comprises 400,000 acres of mountains, glaciers, forests, coastline and ocean. Of its 37 permanent residents, 17 are artists. It is a mecca for artistic and creative minds. In this sleepy village, fishermen ply their routes. Wildlife roams freely. Watching bears and whales in their habitat is a favorite activity in the region, as well as flying over the spectacular glaciated, mountainous and ocean landscape by chartered (and privately owned) bush plane.

Residents and lodge operators on Halibut Cove Alaska are keen on preserving their natural land and the local wildlife, and a number of eco tours can be arranged by travelers to the region. Travelers who come often stay at one of the few wilderness lodges on Halibut Cove Alaska, including Alaska’s Ridgewood Lodge, Hideaway Cove Lodge, and Stillpoint Lodge.

After reading through halibutcove.com, a website dedicated to the region, I asked over my shoulder to no one in particular “WHEN ARE WE GOING TO HALIBUT COVE ALASKA?” Jody, our office’s manager walked around her desk to face me, revealing that big broad smile and jolly personality that we have all grown accustomed to here, and said, “all the arrangements are being made; you and Meka leave for Halibut Cove Alaska in 2-weeks”.



Article by: Jerry Patterson