Finland Northern Lights: A Natural Phenomenon in the Lapland

Finland Northern Lights

Nicky! Nicky! I snapped out of a light sleep to the sound of Janelle’s voice calling my name. Where are we, I asked, sitting upwards and blinking my eyes trying to get them adjusted to the luminance in our Igloo. We are in the Finnish Lapland, Janelle replied. Look up, she said, pointing to the glass ceiling. I looked up to see the most spectacular display of green, yellow and purple lights that are the Finland Northern Lights. It was nothing short of magical. By this time, we were on our third night waiting to see the Finland Northern Lights.

The Finland Northern Lights do not appear every night but mostly every other clear, crisp night. That is approximately 200 nights per year in the Finnish Lapland. As I gazed upon the spectacle in the night sky, I realized how lucky we are to be witnessing this natural phenomenon. And I was totally pleased.

Watch to see the Northern Lights in the Finnish Lapland. 


The night after tomorrow’s, our guide will take us out cross-country skiing. he had said earlier “Chances of catching them get better the further north we go. We will move further away from any artificial lights, which hinder the spectacularity of these natural lights” in reference to the Finland Northern Lights. I have waited a long time for this, I thought.

Typical of many ski resorts, the crowds have not yet reached the wilderness of the Lapland. And the region is far from being frenzy. The cross-country skiing trip took us traversing the forested and remote woodland and its densely snow-covered landscape. In addition to the Finland Northern Lights, the Lapland depicts a ruggedly beautiful scenery and a surreal winter wonderland.

Below are a collection of wilderness lodges and hotels from where you can see the Finland Northern Lights.

Kakslauttanen Resort, Wilderness Hotel Nellim, Hotel ISO-SYOTE, Golden Crown (Levi Igloos), and Luxury Action (Teepee Wilderness Camp).



Article by:  Nicky Huggins, L’ EcoResorts