Finland Aurora Borealis, Midnight Sun, & 188,000 Lakes

finland lakes

Highlighting 3 of Finland’s Iconic Phenomenon: Lakes, Midnight Sun, and Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).

Aurora borealis (Northern lights) in the Finnish Lapland

It’s no doubt that one of Finland’s most remarkable features is it light, Aurora borealis (Northern lights) to be exact. The country, with its rather long summers give way to dark winters. And in their glory, the Aurora borealis appear in the nights, illuminating the landscape with flickering luster of pink, green, yellow, blue, violet, and in some instances orange and white. “Seeing the Northern lights requires sufficient darkness and clear skies, which makes late autumn, the winter and early spring (September to March) the most favourable times. The best time of day is an hour or two before and after midnight. The display might last 20 seconds or go on for hours.” — Visit Finland

Midnight Sun. “In the northernmost parts of Finnish Lapland, the sun stays above the horizon for over 70 consecutive days. The white summer nights are perhaps Finland’s most iconic natural phenomena. The night-time sun is at its strongest during the months of June and July but the further north you go, the longer and higher the sun stays above the horizon. In the very northernmost parts you can experience a full Midnight Sun from May to August.” — Visit Finland



Land of a Thousand Lakes

Finland is often referred to as the ‘Land of a Thousand Lakes’, this is an understatement since there is a total of 188, 000 lakes in the country. These water bodies are scattered throughout the forested landscape, and in the lakes themselves many islets sit. Quaint fishing boats and log cabin provide rustic accommodations on and around the lakes. All the way from the metropolis area of Helsinki to Lake Inari in the Lapland, there are lakes and more lakes ranging from deep blue to crystal clear waters.