Farm-to-table dining: Colorado


Long before the term farm-to-table was coined, restaurants, guest ranches, and farmers’ markets in Colorado embody its movement. Agriculturalists devoted to the cause personify sustainable cultivation, organic farming (incl. free range), and fair trade.

“Farm-to-table isn’t a trend here – it’s a way of life” says the proprietors at Smith Fork Ranch. Marcus Parrott, the chef at the ranch is known to create “fresh, innovative and (most importantly) delicious” cuisine. “From a variety of orchards – including cherry, apple, peach, apricot and pear – to the abundance of organic farms and ranches, a burgeoning wine scene, and not least our own SFR farmstead that provides the majority of our produce at its high point. Here at Smith Fork Ranch there is a spirit of terroir that is all its own.”

In the state, chefs in dining facilities bring to the table a whole lot of something local and fresh. Many restaurants and ranches even have their own farm, which influenced their farm-to-table menus.

alex seidel chef
Alex Seidel (chef)

Recently, interviewed restaurateur and organic chef Alex Seidel (PICTURED), who is the owner of Fruition and Mercantile Dining & Provision restaurants. Alex is the recipient of Food & Wine Magazine’s Best New Chef list in 2010 and a James Beard finalist nomination for Best Chef Southwest Award in 2016.

Extract from the interview:

“What do you grow at Fruition Farms?

AS: I purchased a farm and with the partnership of Josh Halder, Jimmy Warren and Val Landrum. We are supplying many Colorado restaurants with varieties of microgreens, lettuce, vegetables and artisan sheep’s-milk cheese. We turned one of my barns into a full milking and cheese-making facility.”

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