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Our ecotourism blog comprises a database of online published articles that are aimed at providing information pertaining to sustainable (or “green”) travels, eco resorts and lodges, nature tours, and natural sites. Sustainable travels are the movement of person(s) from one location to another by means that caused the least negative impact on the environment. The traveler(s) will make it a point to pack at a minimum, carrying only clothes and other personal items that are of the most importance. They will research the destination before arriving to learn of resort and lodge’s environmental and nature preservation procedures.

Our ecotourism blog also provides information on which airlines and local transportation is the greenest in terms of how they operate in caring for the environment.

It must be noted that ecotourism blog are great sources for checking all aspects as it relates to eco resorts, eco lodges, greenest airlines and environmentally-friendly ground travels. Airlines that can make lesser flights and use energy more environmentally-safe fuel such as biofuel reduce its CO2. Eco resorts, eco lodges and dude ranches usually take care to emit as little as possible greenhouse gas. These types of accommodations are built with optimum respect for nature and the environment, and are BIG on conservation.

Our ecotourism blog consistently published articles pertaining to sustainable resorts, conservation efforts, and other projects backed by eco operators.

Anyone who has an appreciation for the natural world will find that our ecotourism blog can be very useful when planning an ecotourism vacation. In addition to broadcasting information about eco resorts, eco lodges, and dude ranches, our ecotourism blog include a wealth of information on nature tours, natural sites, community projects, peoples and cultures. Nature tours by L’ EcoResorts include canoeing rain forests such as the Amazon, exploring the Australian outback, hiking in Switzerland, whale watching in British Columbia, photographing bears in Alaska, and safaris in Africa. Travelers can visit some of the region’s remotest and natural places. Or ecotourism blog authors oftentimes have firsthand experience regarding the matters we blog about. The writers will further conduct interviews to garner the information as it relates to ecotourism products and services included.

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