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anse chastanet chocolate

Chocolate Tourism at Anse Chastanet (Resort), St. Lucia

As it relates to nature adventures, trekking, zip-lining, snorkeling and diving are among the most frequently engaged in activities for tourists in St. Lucia. It can make all the difference where you stay and who your guide is. That said, how often does one want to do the same activities on a trip? Once, twice, […]

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The Brando

What’s serving at The Brando?

The Brando’s two restaurants serve up an array of “Polynesian-inspired dishes, East/West fusion and classic French cuisine.” All fresh and locally grown ingredients are used and “the award-winning cuisine of Guy Martin of the Michelin two star restaurant Le Grand Véfour in Paris is featured in both dining venues and in-room dining”, at the resort. […]

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Farm-to-table dining: Colorado

Long before the term farm-to-table was coined, restaurants, guest ranches, and farmers’ markets in Colorado embody its movement. Agriculturalists devoted to the cause personify sustainable cultivation, organic farming (incl. free range), and fair trade. “Farm-to-table isn’t a trend here – it’s a way of life” says the proprietors at Smith Fork Ranch. Marcus Parrott, the chef at the […]

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Chilean Porotos Granados
Chilean Porotos Granados. Photo credit: Minuto Verde.

Chilean Porotos Granados | Traditional cuisine (series)

Chilean Porotos Granados. Sofía walked up the long winding dirt path to our house carrying a paper grocery bag clutched to her chest. She stopped in front of me while I proceeded to rubbed the belly of my new puppy, Tee Kay. She said, “Tiffany I am going to cook for you Chilean Porotos Granados.” […]

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Fika Sweden
FIKA | Sweden. Photo by: Kinfolk

Fika, more than coffee break. Traditional cuisine (series)

Fika is a long standing Swedish tradition. More often than not, it is an impromptu or informal gathering of two or more people meeting to indulge in drinking coffee and eating baked goods, and having conversation. During these gatherings, the attendees’ chit chat about any variety of subject matters. It is normal for a person […]

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australian native food

Australian native food: Traditional cuisine (series)

After confirming the dates of my stay at an eco-resort in Port Douglas, Australia, I was sent a brochure that highlighted the major local attractions. The site where my stomping ground would be for the upcoming 3-weeks is in close proximity to the Daintree Rainforest and Great Barrier Reef. This is where two world heritage […]

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Tamales of Costa Rica

Tamales of Costa Rica: Traditional cuisine (series)

Tamales of Costa Rica. It was early afternoon on a crisp day and Christmastime when I, an anthropologist, and two representatives from the office at L’ EcoResorts reached Drake Bay (Bahía Drake) and our eco lodge on a private reserve along the Osa Peninsula. A remote coastal region, Osa Peninsula is sited at the southernmost isthmus in […]

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Saffron spice
Saffron spice. Photo by: Tiffany Huggins

Saffron spice: natural food seasoning and coloring agent

Saffron spice is valued for its many medicinal benefits, dating back to the 1600 BC. Saffron spice is also a notable natural coloring and flavoring agent. Historically, saffron’s strong pigment makes it the dye of choice. It had been used to add colors to the skin, hair, and cloth. Saffron can be described as the […]

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Stevia Natural Sweetener

Stevia Natural Sweetener: 200 Times Sweeter Than Sugar and That much Safer

Stevia Natural Sweetener is a healthy choice to sugar and is highly regarded because it does not add calories. Stevia Natural Sweetener is made from the plant Stevia rebaudiana. This shrub mainly grows in Paraguay and Brazil. In these regions, the leaves of the stevia plant have been use for hundreds of years in foods. […]

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Real Swiss Cheese by cheeses from switzerland
Swiss cheese. Photo by: Cheeses from Switzerland.

Real Swiss Cheese: Product of Switzerland | Schweiz | Suisse | Svizzera

Real Swiss Cheese. “This week, for the food category on my blog, I want to feature some kind of Swiss food that is not widely known outside of the country.” “What do you suggest?” I asked my dear friend who is Swiss and operates one of the Mountain huts (otherwise known as Alpine huts) in the […]

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