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anse chastanet chocolate

Chocolate Tourism at Anse Chastanet (Resort), St. Lucia

As it relates to nature adventures, trekking, zip-lining, snorkeling and diving are among the most frequently engaged in activities for tourists in St. Lucia. It can make all the difference where you stay and who your guide is. That said, how often does one want to do the same activities on a trip? Once, twice, […]

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Handweaving Tibetan Rug in Nepal by Varanada

Hand-weaving Tibetan Rug in Nepal

On the outskirt of Kathmandu, Nepal, watching a craftsperson make a Tibetan rug by hand, the process may seem brash to an outside observer. Mario López-Cordero, senior editor at Veranda, wrote fondly “a newly woven rug is being tortured.” But, centuries worth of practice and knowledge combined means that the rug makers are experts. Cultural […]

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The royal family dressed in traditional Swedish dresses.

FOLKDRÄKT (Folk dress) of Sweden

Last week, my good friend, Ester, a Swedish girl emailed me a collection of photos of herself and a group of friends wearing traditional clothing. The dresses were striking in colors and simple, but intricate in their designs. ‘We are wearing Swedish folk dresses or as some people refer to them Swedish national costumes’, she […]

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pottery making costa rica

Pottery Making lives on in Santa Ana, Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, Santa Ana follows right behind Guaitil in pottery making. During a trek through this small village, you are bound to notice clay pottery being made and sold. This practice help provides income for the artisans and their families. The men and women, who learned the craft from the previous generation, want to […]

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Ecuadorian art

Ecuadorian art, culturally inspired

Ecuadorian art. Each piece of art is a reflection of the artist’s creative vision. Ecuadorians acquired their artistic aptitude from the generations before. Known for their creativity, the aboriginal people of Ecuador are noted for their intricate and traditional handcrafts. The artists do not tend to differentiate fine arts from modest artistry. Weaving, painting, and carving […]

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African Jewelry

African Jewelry, Deeply Rooted in the Region’s History and Cultures

African jewelry is known primarily for its beauty and earthiest. Owning a piece of African jewelry is like having a bit of culture and history in a beautiful art form. And since most pieces are usually handmade, they tend to be sturdy and can last for generations. A certain jewelry may represent a particular culture within […]

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Cowichan Knitting

Cowichan Knitting: Done by hand using sustainable fiber

Cowichan Knitting. Traversing through the British Columbia’s aboriginal communities, one cannot help but notice the array of poles carved for depicting native arts in the form of animal figures and other symbolic likeness relative to the local native tribes. The Canadian First Nations and other native groups have a close connection to their ancestral land […]

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Sustainable Travel: Eco-friendly Suitcases

Sustainable Travel: Eco-friendly Suitcases

Eco-friendly Suitcases. My eyes swept over the sea of suitcases strategically placed on the store’s display floor. Surely, I hadn’t anticipated this many choices in terms of sizes, colors, textures, weight, and solidity. Finally, I narrowed down my preferred suitcases to just a few in number more so based on eco-friendly suitcases and dimension. After […]

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Inca Pottery: Geometric and Symmetrical Designs
Close-up of Inca's graceful, symmetrical pottery design. Photo credit: incas.homestead

Inca Pottery: Geometrical and Symmetrical Designs

Inca Pottery. Hiram Bingham, the American historian and explorer whom stumbled upon the ruins of Machu Picchu in 1911 in reference to Inca pottery, wrote “In addition to agriculture and the breeding of useful plants and animals, the Incas carried to a remarkable extreme the manufacture of graceful, symmetrical pottery. They learned to recognize different […]

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Jute rug

Jute rug: made using 100% plant-base fiber

A number of the eco lodges are decked out with Jute rugs, and adorned in natural designs. Jute rug is made from the vegetable fiber from the Jute plant. The material used is formed from the plant’s long, soft, and shiny thread. To make the rug, the yarn is hand-woven into a beautiful creation. Jute is also […]

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