Bamboo designs: sustainable furniture and accents

Bamboo designs
Soneva Kiri Eco Resort Thailand

Bamboo designs create for sustainable furniture and accents. Some of the most stylishly decorated, built Asian eco lodges in the L’ EcoResorts’ collection depict Bamboo creations.

Bamboo is versatile and is used for many things, from food to medicine to architectural designs. It is also used to craft musical instruments and other trinkets. The Giant Panda main food source consists of bamboo. In fact, the plant makes up 99% of the panda’s diet.

Bamboo is not simple a wood but it is from a tribe of grass family. There are an estimated 1,450 species of this grass. The plants are found all over the world from cold mountain peaks to warm and sunny gorges.  The greatest population of the plant is known to grow naturally (or wild) in Asia, Australia, North and South America, and Sub-Saharan Africa. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. It can reach maturity in less than 5 years. This depends on the type of tree, weather condition, and soil.

Due to its rapid growth, light weight, sturdy nature, and beauty, bamboo is a favorite among eco designers. Its designs are environmentally friendly, makes for renewable sources.
bamboo bedOftentimes furniture by sustainable designers is made of 100% natural bamboo. Some care may apply to prevent warping but bamboo furniture is easy to maintain.

To prepare for bamboo use in building, the stalks are sometimes boiled in hot water to achieve a certain color. Once dried, the poles are cut in portions and skillfully fitted together to form the designs.

Bamboo has its own beautiful natural color. Its shade is close to that of maple wood. Boiling the poles produces a dark amber hue. The color can be adjusted to preference.

Bamboo designs include furniture beds, chest of drawers, chairs, tables, book shelves, serving trays, lamps, and gazebo, walls, and floors.

Bamboo designs and furniture making are often done entirely by hand. The poles used are usually hand picked by the designers and crafted by artisans who display the highest regards for the environment.

During the cultivating process, the plant roots remain intact. This allows for new bamboo to emerge and offspring to multiple as new shoots appear.



Article by: Tiffany Huggins

| December 25, 2015