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This Season’s Top Ecotourism Destinations

Kenya elephant silhouette


Kenya eco resorts and lodges abide by the programs set forth by responsible tourism bodies. The eco-friendly hotels in Kenya operate on an energy that is sustainable to the environment. In many instances conservation on energy and waste management systems are in place. Air pollution and water pollution are kept at a minimum. The ultimate […]

United States


United States eco resorts and lodges combined luxury with nature. Travelers are essentially benefiting from the best of both worlds. Luxury United States eco resorts and lodges are strategically sited in areas that offer strikingly beautiful natural sceneries. These include mountains, forests, and coasts.  Mountain ranges of the United States include The Rocky Mountains, Appalachian […]



Australia eco resorts and lodges embody their natural environments. The sites where the properties are located are home to an array of wildlife species and depict some of the world’s most beautiful and unspoilt landscapes. Australia is both an island and a continent; it comprises desert plateaus, tropical rainforests, prairies, and coastal regions. Australia eco […]

belize Jaguar


Belize eco resorts and lodges, as are other accommodations of this type (operate sustain-ably), are run in an environmentally-friendly manner. The owners strive to minimize their CO2 footprint as a result of the hotel business. Some policies that are implemented by them include using materials and craftsmanship that factor in the care of the environment […]

Eco lodges, eco resorts, dude ranches, ski chalets, Ice Hotels, Arctic hotels, and nature tours comprise L’ EcoResorts’ collection of sustainable properties and outdoor activities. The accommodations and adventures to be had are sited in some of the most natural places on earth.

Eco lodges are located in parts of the Amazon rainforest and include Peru, Brazil, and Ecuador. Amazon nature tours include wildlife watching, nature photography, cultural exploration, wellness and holistic activities, rainforest biology and natural history. Travelers can indulge in private excursions such as mountain biking, kayaking on the Amazonian river, canopy climbing, and stargazing in the forest.

When it comes to eco lodges, Costa Rica is one of the most celebrated destinations for this type of resort. The country is small but packs in a whole lot of pure nature.

Eco lodges and resorts in Australia and New Zealand embody a landscape of timeless nature beauty. Activities include eco heli tours of the lakes, glaciers and fiords, gourmet dining, wildlife observations, and island hopping.

Belize eco lodges provide copious opportunities for travelers to explore the region national parks and nature reserves and see felines (such as Jaguar), monkeys, other land mammals, and reptiles.

Eco resorts and green hotels in Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Norway, France, England, and Chile include ski lodges and yurts, Ice Hotels, log cabins, Igloos, wilderness resorts, and country houses.

Although the U.S.A. and Canada are not primarily ecotourism destinations, at L’ EcoResorts, we have scoured these regions to find the best eco lodges and resorts, and dude ranches. Dude ranches and wilderness resorts in Canada are mainly located in British Columbia and Ontario and in the United States dude ranches are mainly located in Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. Alaska wilderness resorts and lodges are also included in the sustainable resort category.

In Asia, the sustainable resorts and eco lodges offered by L’ EcoResorts are located in China, Bali, and Thailand.

Many regions in Africa are big on wildlife and land conservation. This is due to the fact that Africa is home to numerous animal species (that are few or non-existent in other places) and are at risk of going extinct. These include the mountain gorilla, the elephant, and the rhino. The principles of eco and conservation goes hand-in-hand. The eco lodges and camps in Africa lead many conservation efforts, empowering the local communities through ecotourism and hands-on approach.

Preventing poaching and other events that proved hurtful to wildlife are at the forefront of these initiatives. Operators of these sustainable safari camps and reserves not only adhere to the long-term sustainability, preservation, and conservation energies but implement a number of helpful solutions. The eco lodges and resorts in Africa presented by L’ EcoResorts are located in Tanzania, Namibia, Botswana, and South Africa.

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