2 Eco Hotels in China, Escaping the Smog

eco hotels in china
Banyan Tree Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China

Eco hotels in China is not something that readily come to mind when someone think about the country in its current state. Why?

Well, in recent years significant attention has been given to the pollution and smog problem in China. The problem is so bad that people have to cover their faces whenever they ventured outside in some places. Environmentalists are very concern and numerous media outlets have been reporting non-stop on the severity of the issue. On December 18, 2015, BBC published an article in which it stated in part “Beijing has issued a second pollution red alert, little more than a week after the first ever such warning. The Chinese capital will see hazardous smog from Saturday until Tuesday, the official meteorological service said. Nationwide, a vast area from Xian in central China to Harbin in the north-east would also be badly hit, the National Meteorological Centre said. Beijing authorities have advised residents to avoid outdoor activity and for schools to stop classes“. This sort of event has dominated the news and are becoming more frequent in the country.

Yangshuo Mountain Retreat, Guangxi Zhuang, China
Yangshuo Mountain Retreat, Guangxi Zhuang, China

So, it was with some hesitations, at L’ EcoResorts, when we decided to research China with regards to offering eco hotels and nature tours there. Ultimately, we identified 2 properties that matched our criteria. The first is “Mountain Retreat” in Yangshuo. It is a unique and sustainable resort alongside the Yulong River in Guangxi Zhuang and located away from any large city and in the countryside. The air here is fresh and crisp and the region awash in pure nature. The owners are environmentalists and keen on preserving this place. The second eco hotel is “Banyan Tree Lijiang” in Yunnan Province. A site declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997, Lijiang has been aptly referred to as the Venice of the Orient. The resort is surrounded by towering mountains and lush landscape, and there is no smog in sight. Here, you can enjoy the majesty of the legendary Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, a sacred sanctuary standing guard over the ethnic minorities since ancient times and an hour’s drive from the Banyan Tree Resort Lijiang.

Conclusion: Eco hotels in China offer an escape from the cities of pollution and provide a sanctuary where you can come and delve in nature and breathe in the pure air.



Article by: Tiffany Huggins, L’ EcoResorts